Why is it important to have views on YouTube?


So, in this article we will analyze why views on the YouTube channel are needed, and we will also talk a little about the youtube watch hours generator.  Are views needed on YouTube, why do many people wind them up? Views on YouTube. When you put your video on YouTube, it is necessary that it has gained a large number of views and entered the top. This will give popularity to your video, but if you still enlighten what topic in this video or spread your opinion, raise what kind of common problem that has a special character, then it will be even better. It is worth saying that a blogger who is just starting his career needs to have at least 10-50 thousand views per month. If you want the views to rise, then you need to attract new viewers with your fascinating ideas, which are sometimes very few, but the interest of the audience does not increase. When you have posted a video in which you are talking about something, for example about some game and you will not have views, then you most likely think that people are not interested in it at all and they do not like this format. That’s not the case at all, there are other reasons. It is worth saying that now YouTube is doing so that new bloggers do not get into the top and their video remains in last place on requests, which is why a novice blogger needs to attract new viewers every time, but, and after them, views will rise, which will help your video get to the top. Hours of watching on YouTube, why do you need it? What gives? If you follow this YouTube algorithm, then when you just uploaded your video and went views, likes and even reposts, then with great accuracy that you will get into trends 

When you have a lot of views for a video on YouTube, it shows your relevance, as well as the excellent quality of your content that you provide, so that monetization spreads to the video, then you need to have 1000 subscribers on the channel and a minimum of 4000 hours of views. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that now you know why views are needed on YouTube and how they generally affect, but, as well as you now know about the hours of views on YouTube, I hope this information was somehow useful to you.


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